Discovering Laboral

Entrance to  Laboral, Center of Art and Technology (my translation), in Spanish city Gijón (pronounced khi-hon). We discovered it by a lucky chance, when I picked up a brochure in the touris center in our village. Honestly, I almost missed it, becasue the cover looked very obscure – see below:

But when I started to read it more carefully, I was amazed by the program that this center promissed: interactive installations, multimedia art, contemporary gaming etc etc. It all looked very promissing, and so we decided to come and see it (the city was about 80km  from the place we lived).

It took a while for us to find the place, since it is not in the center, but almost outside, near the city’s Technological University (?) and a Scientific Business Center (?? – in both cases I am not sure I know the exact names).

But finally ewe managed – to only discover closed doors:

To our relieve, the panic was premature – the center was fortunately open on Monday (when all other museums in the city are closed), and actually would be closed on Tuesday, if we would decided to come next day. So, again, lucky us – we found it, and we really enjoyed it (spent almost 4 hours there).

Basically, a number of my postings in this blog will be from, and about this center.

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