new ae building

I didn’t know the program of the event well enough (and I remember well, the site was also misleading – it says that the old building of AE will be functioning till the end of October or something). The reality was very different as you see – the old building of AE is NOT functioning, or rather it is in a full-steam transition to the new building. From this side the transformation does not look particularly impressive, but in reality the extension if very big.

The poster of the contraction company I saw nearby gives some (vague) idea of the future AE:

But to get the real scale of the project, one needs to go the other side of Danube

I later found (in the brochure about Linz as Cultural Capital of Europe 2010) the following image:

I marked with the red dot the place where I took the very first image fro, so you can try to reconstruct the total picture.

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