Domnitch & Gelfand :: 10k Peacock Feathers

Ok, this performance I did catch, albeit only a half; but the picture is not mine again (taken from electroblog); I only manage to make a few sec long video of at the tail of the show. Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand presented their (already famous) Ten Thousand Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid.

More details can be found on the artists’ website, and also there is a video on YouTube explaining how the technology behind the show works:

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2 Responses to Domnitch & Gelfand :: 10k Peacock Feathers

  1. Michael Bravo says:

    Huh, my mother’s maiden name was Gelfand.

  2. centralasian says:

    @Michael Bravo that the world is small we are all very aware here

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