(missed) SoUNdSET : Domenico Sciajno

Because of my long night walk to Postlingsberg, I missed the beginning of the All Inclusive gala opening; so, the picture is not mine, but made by Pablo Sanz (who also has an interesting blog Mediateletipos).

An opening performance named SoUNdSET was by Domenico Sciajno and TeZ (aka Maurizio Martinucci), multi-media artists from Italy. Domenico himself describes the idea of SoUNdSET in the following way:

“As the sun begins to go down (at 7:38 PM on September 4, 2008), visitors can take a seat on the viewing terrace, focus their attention on the diminishing natural sunlight and simultaneously influence via directional loudspeakers the live soundscape being generated in relation to it. As the natural light increasingly gives way to the darkness of night, the more these acoustic experiences are transformed.”

More about Domenico Sciajno can be found at this site, and also another site about his recent projects, including Cosmofonie.

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