Linz, day/night

This is Pöstlingberg – both the hill overlooking Linz, and the church standing on its top and omnipresent in the city. To my surprise, I didn’t find a wikipedia entry about the church, I’d love to read why they decided to keep its two ‘horns’ dark, as oppose to the white pillars beneath; looks quite devilish.

I mentioned it here, and in the context of AE because in fact it is where the gala opening of the event happened, during the first evening (Sep 4th). I also now have a certain personal attachment to the place, as can be seen on the picture below:

In fact, you can’t see much on the picture, because it was taken deep in the night, and quite far away from the church. To bring the participants to the place, few shuttle buses were supplied, but the ratio between the former and the latter was not in favor of the former. After resultless wandering over the night city in search of taxi, I finally decided to… climb the mountain (well, rather a hill, but they call it ‘*berg’).

It was quite a walk, tiring but a very pleasant one too, and the fact that I most likely was the only person of so many hundreds guests who made it resulted in feeling quite proud of myself. A bit stupid too, perhaps, but these are coincide often.

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