The image of a back-drop (or rather a back-whirlpool of light and darkness) during the performance of Raster-Noton’s folks. Technically speaking, Raster-Noton is not a band but rather a record label, but some people consider them more than a team, something closer to a family which lives happily for more than 12 years already, or even an enigma .

A couple of other images (all from the Frank Bretschneider‘s part of the show) can be found on my Flickr – page – here, here and here, for example.

But I feel that other set I made during the show conveys the mood of the performance much better (although not as power, of course, as the real-life video).

Full set can be also found here. The following composition is not from this album, but can still give an idea of what kind of music they’re doing:

Fax – Frank Bretschneider & Peter Duimelinks

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