sonArc::ema – Jan-Peter Sonntag

Again, this is not my picture, but rather a visual stab, to learn more about Jan-Peter Sonntag later on. He and another group, N-Solab (both from Denmark Germany) presented sonArc::ema performance at the AE gala. Apparently, both teams share the same site,, where a few interesting examples of the past projects can be found.

PS: While searching for more information about the artists, I bumped into an interesting site,, where they also announce the coming Media Facade Festival in Berlin, later in October; might be interesting for another project I am to run soon.

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2 Responses to sonArc::ema – Jan-Peter Sonntag

  1. oli says:

    I think the sonarc::ema people are all from german, not denmark 😉
    Did you find their performance also rather strange?

  2. centralasian says:

    @oli well, i found almost all music presented and performed at the ae “strange”; definitely not what one would get from taxi radio 🙂 but withing this ‘strange’ part of the musical spectrum J-P S was pretty “normal’

    And yes, I guess you are right, these are German guys, thanks for spotting!

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