Lars Blunck, mistrusting ‘audience participating’

But back to AE’08; this is a snapshot from the lecture by Lars Blunck (from the Department of Art History, Technical University Berlin; I didn’t find much about him on the web, and official catalog does not contain his bio). The title, “I mistrust audience participation”, was intended to be provocative for the panel on Interactive Art, but the talk was no so. The lecture was in German, and heavily academic, and basically pointed that ‘participation is not non-problematic’ (and who exactly was saying it is?)

There were a lot of interesting examples, though, exploring various dimensions of participation vs interaction vs contribution vs transformation etc etc. Interesting talk, but a heavy one; you need a written text and a marker to go trough such thickets.

This was an installation (Metamatics?) by Chris Watson (?? – the one I found on the web doesn’t look right; although he looks good, apparently they run a very interesting show at this very moment), and basically consisted of a flexible tube that had to be stretched by two people to establish a visual channel between them.

Another interesting examples was this one-sight mirror toilet that allowed the ‘users’ to see what’s going, yet remaining perfectly invisible for people outside the cabin. An amazing example, yet I lost the point how exactly it was connected to the participation and interaction (it surely is linked with trust).

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