Superstruct :: Playing the Futures

The blog with the title like mine can not escape the story about Superstruct, a game developed by Jane McGonigal for the Institute for the Future (I don’t know all the details, sometimes they say that that game was develop by their ’10 year forecasting team’; in any case, GMG was involved heavily, I assume, since the game as described has all the expected features of her gameplays).

The game (quite bombastically) proclaims itself ‘the first massively multilayer forecasting game’, is open to everyone, will officially start from September 22 onward, and will last 6 weeks (and will be closely monitored by yours sincerely, Playing Future blog.

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3 Responses to Superstruct :: Playing the Futures

  1. mpathytest says:

    don’t just monitor — join us in playing! ^_^ anyone who normally plays with futures will definitely be a supervaluable member of the superstruct community!!

  2. centralasian says:

    @mpathytest – but I will! perhaps not clear from the text, but ‘close monitoring’ was meant as ‘playing actively while reflecting upon” 🙂

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