Probing The Book of Probes

At one of the x-mass sales I bought a very interesting publication, The Book of Probes, by Marshal McLuhan and David Carson. I can’t claim I know much about McLuhan (beyond a standard academic introduction), but somehow always wanted to learn more; so the book is a good start, I guess(ed). What I discovered is that the volume is much more that ‘yet another’ piece – I consider it’s quite a unique book, reflecting the aura of the medium-is-the-message mantra.

Imagine 300+ double-page slides, or plateaus telling, often brutally directly, often esoterically, the thoughts of McLuhan blended with the visual imagery of Carson. It is really a book design achievement as it is a deep philosophical and sociological treatise; Nietsche through design. To say that I find many of McLuhan’s ideas ‘thought-provoking’ is to say banality: ‘but of course’. In addition to that, I also find them surprisingly relevant to the very today’s – and I guess, tomorrow’s – hot debates too; about ‘new economy’, ‘co-design’, ‘virtual worlds’, ‘future studies’, ‘multi-player games’, ‘new power structures’, and of course to many, many other interesting things too.

Worth to add that the image is not from the book, but my own; the quote, however, is by McLuhan.

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