Scenario Branding

Olympus is developing a new, innovative approach to its digital marketing strategy, a so called scenario branding. Traditionally, brands rely on one main slogan often closely associated with the brand name – remember Nike’s Just Do It, or Go Create from Sony. But today’s consumer is much more fragmented, and might be triggered by a wide array of different messages. Here is a solution!

Using the technologies of socio-semantic web, Olympus is now able to offer distinctively different brand slogans to its diverse user groups. When people enter the web-site, they are welcomed by one of four different slogans, depending on what kind of sites they’ve been before, their brand preferences, and general personal traits.

In the (whose?) future the company aimed at further customization of its brand messaging, to ideally reach a fully personalized brand slogan for its each and every customer. The above text and illustrating image have nothing to do with reality and totally invented by me. They are not aimed at discrimination of the otherwise nice company, and designed as a socio-cultural provocation, and out of nothing more to do.

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