Future Topology of Magical Worlds

This is of course not so much a ‘topology’ yet, but rather a landscape (and rough time-line) of a few classical examples of ‘magical worlds’; the source is a plain brain-dump, and any additions are most welcome. The general framework I am mostly interested is the following: there is ‘our’, ‘normal’ world populated by more or less normal kids – who are at some point, somehow getting into ‘another’, much more ‘magical’ world. Something happens then – here, there, or in between the two realms.

This description leaves out purely fantasy worlds, such as The Lord of the Rings, for example, or any other sci-fi projects (unless they follow the above scheme). I started to play with these ‘worlds’, roughly following personal construct approach by George Kelly. But I foresee more complex work ahead, because my aim is to provide yet another description and analysis, however deep, but reveal a more eluding matter: What are the magical worlds of the future? What sort of worlds we would need to develop for – and together with – our kids to prepare them for this future?

More reading and more thinking ahead.

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