Future Bosch

Prado in Madrid and Google widely announced a new way of watching famous paintings – via the web and in uber-high resolution (stunning 14.000 megapixels ) – Google brings masterpieces from Prado direct to armchair art lovers. The above fragment is not even the smallest possible, but even this magnification is simply amazing, especially if to compare with the original size (I hope you can find the fragment, in red rectangular):

If I would use the zooming function of Google Earth to the max, I can get something like that:

meaning that now every amateur can start studying Bosch to the very crackle. Miguel Zugaza, head of the museum, is saying “Google’s gigapixel gallery was especially useful for paintings such as The Garden of Earthly Delights, which contained so much detail it was difficult to take it all in, even after seeing the painting many times“. Of course, he then hastily added “a photographic image, however precise, could never replace the original. This shows you the body of the painting, but what you won’t find here is the soul – you can only find that by looking at the original.

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