Liquid Space

A short movie I made earlier today (mostly because I was not able to do anything due to awful headache 😦 Liquid Space 6.0 shown here is a new installation by Daan Roosegaarde. I’ve seen it in V2 during the most recent Museumnacht in Rotterdam. There is information about the project at the website V2 , although you will have to manually navigate yourself to “Liquid Space 6.0” section; the site unfortunately does not provide separate urls for its sections.

The installation is described as :

“… an interactive artwork in the form of a tripod several meters tall that links four spheres by means of bundled flexible tubes that mysteriously light up.

Visitors who enter Liquid Space will notice that the installation responds to them. The installation appears to come alive: its form follows the visitor’s movements, the tubes light up, and the movements of the visitor and the space fuse.”

I was amazing to see how playfully people interacted with this system. Of course, an atmosphere of carnival littered around did help to create this playfulness, but the tripod was cute too. Not sure about ‘fusing though’; this thing was squeaking and the crowd around was noisy, too. But well, it was nice anyway. I replaced both the squeaking and the noise by Delirium’s Instant Fleeting.

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