Deleuze (De)Logic

A very interesting posting (Deleuze’s Wild Digital Computer Logic: A Formalization of Affirmative Synthetic Exclusive Disjunction’s Deformities) offering a somewhat alternative interpretation of Deleuzian logical apparatus:

“I present the SOR gate as a possible formalization for Deleuze’s logic. It has the advantage of metaphorically making use of real forces like electricity. A plain truth table will not suffice. I also think that even though it is a formalization, it is loyal to the way that intensities deform whatever they embody on account of their pushing-and-pulling it in many different directions at once. This we display as the wild dispersion of ramified current “series” and symbolize with the random variable w for its wild logical value.” (see also right part of the picture above, made by Corry Shores, the author of the post).

I always thought that Deleuzian approach can provide an interesting framework to think about ‘multiple possible futures’; yet somehow I never manged to formulate it clearly. To be corrected, hopefully soon.

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