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Pi Day

It may be worth to note down that today is in fact a Pi Day; the very date (3.14) hints to a celebration of this profoundly magical, and magically profound number. Interesting enough, I took the picture from the latest … Continue reading

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Dancing Robots, or Hi, the future, how’re you? Not bad!

We are mastering our way of living with the robot (who by now became Hamster, don’t ask me why); presented is a lively dance performed together with a a bit freaky Muzzy.

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Signtific Lab

New game from IFTF & Jane McGonigal, who launched Superstruct game last year (I wrote a bit about this game here) . This time the game is promised to be quicker (and hopefully of a bit more fun); they also … Continue reading

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Treatment of the future

The boy just got a present from his aunt, a lovely and (relatively) smart robot. Despite it’s not really programmable (you can define just a small set of commands from the console), it does manifest a few ‘anthropomorphic’ features (most … Continue reading

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Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama

I knew some of more recent works of Yayoi Kusama (in fact, I wrote about them, although in another blog). But I somehow missed this beautiful earlier work, Fireflies on the Water (2002). I am afraid, any flat static picture … Continue reading

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Dreaming Pillow

I wonder if you can play the same trick with the ‘futures’; in that case the dreams will be about possible futures, a sort of crystal ball, but a soft one.

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