EDGE 200

Just bought a special issue of Edge, of the best magazines about games and gaming industry; it celebrates its 200th issue, and quite festive, even for usually quite glossy edition (the picture is in fact of a plastic wrap, sort of ‘avatar cover’ of the mag; the ‘real’ one is below.

The issue is full of reflections over the last 15 years (can’t believe it’s already sooo long i the air; I remember the 100th issue, and it was, like, yesterday. Lots of panoramic views of the development, of both the magazine itself, and of the industry it writes about.

Very interesting (visually) overview of all the 200 covers of the magazine (this picture is of all 200 on a back cover, but there is also an interesting analysis of them in the magazine).

There is of course a somewhat nostalgic ‘Best 100 Games‘ overview; it’s is somewhat controversial too, in my view, with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time heading the list. It’s was a good game, but… But ok, tastes differ. Half-Life 2 got the second place, and Tetris is on the seventh.

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