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more about "Reincarnation", posted with vodpod

“An off-shoot from a visual performance accompanying the Rambert Dance Company at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, a piece born from working on the Rambert performance. When the clip starts, you probably won’t recognize a human shape at first, but your eyes and mind will be searching, seeking mental connections between abstract shapes and recognizable patterns, like looking for shapes in clouds. You’ll be questioning what you see, is that him? is he sitting? is he crouching? is he kneeling? until all of a sudden, he’ll be crystal clear. Then you’ll try and keep him in focus, following him as he moves around, tracking each limb, using his motion to construct an image of the parts you can’t see. He’ll fade in and out of clarity. At times you’ll be clinging onto just the tip of his hand swinging round, trying to identify any other recognizable parts. You might see another arm or leg and grab onto it, fighting not to lose him. Then he’ll be crystal clear again, and then all of a sudden vanish, literally in a puff of smoke, and your eyes will start searching again…”By Memo Atkins

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