The Future of Love

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In the future our love will become less ‘organic’ and even more mediated by technology, including multiple interactive digital channels we will be using to convey it. If you need any confirming signs, look at Mutsugoto – an intimate communication device for remote lovers, developed by the Distance Lab.

“Instead of exchanging e-mail or SMS messages using generic interfaces in business-like venues, Mutsugoto allows distant partners to communicate through the language of touch as expressed on the canvas of the human body. A custom computer vision and projection system allows users to draw on each other’s bodies while lying in bed. Drawings are transmitted “live” between the two beds, enabling a different kind of synchronous communication that leverages the emotional quality of physical gesture.

A computer vision system tracks the movement of the ring and projects virtual pen strokes on your body. At the same time these pen strokes are transmitted to and projected on the body of your remote partner. If you follow your partner’s movements and your strokes cross, the lines will react with each other and reflect your synchrony. Special bed linens, silk curtains and other aspects of the physical context have been designed to enhance the mood of this romantic communication environment.”

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One Response to The Future of Love

  1. How do I get more information on this? By Contacting Distance Lab?
    Are you an artist/designer?

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