Edith Ackermann summing up LiftFrance

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2 Responses to Edith Ackermann summing up LiftFrance

  1. Phil Smirnov says:

    Wow… Have you been there? Was that interesting?
    Lots of videos here: http://www.liftconference.com/lift-france-09
    What would you recommed to start with?

    • centralasian says:

      Hi, Phil, yes, I was luck to get to Marseille this time, and it was indeed an interesting gathering. The Lifters are usually putting all the videos online (very kind of them), so you can learn main points of the presentations event without being at the event physically.

      What to start with depends on what you are interested in: there were very interesting presentations on technical and political side of the emerging Internet of Things (from Bruce Sterling, Usman Haque, Rob van Kranenburg and the like). The second day was about sustainable solutions, and again, there were great talks from John Thackara and Gunter Pauli. Check the program/speakers page on their site and see what attracts you more.

      I placed a few pictures from the conference in my Flickr folder Lift France’09

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