Freedom, Ghanified

Somehow I got to this gathering in Second Life, with, and about the Ghana speech of Obama. Usually it’s not my piece of cake, but via-via I got an invite (and then tp) from a friend from the crowd. The meeting was well-attended, I should say, although a higher than average proportion of Linden avatars pointed that one shouldn’t expect too much of political incorrectness or ‘playfulness’.

And yet I managed to find – if not full game, than at least some element of playful re-writing of the reality (which is what Second Life for, if you ask me). At some distance from the gathering venue there was a model of the US Capitol (no Capitol Hill though) – at least, the building was resembling the US Capitol enough for me to consider it as such.

But then my eye spotted on the top of the building a very interesting artifact, and not quite the Statue of Freedom

I really liked the way they appropriately modified (Ghanified) the statue, to fit the topic of the talk, kudos!

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