Show Must Go On!

Lately this blog became abandoned a bit, with all the crew being busy with their summer holidays and post-holiday recovery. This doesn’t mean, though, that nothing was happening; on the contrary, life was full of very interesting and inspiring events and encounters with people & places. Perhaps, too full even, since it didn’t leave much time to reflect and record here.

I am sure it all will change soon, in face, now. The blog will start, well, blogging, about Summ()n and its activities, being it projects, research or simply something interesting we came across.

Ars Electronica festival in Linz this year was definitely ‘something interesting’, and I foresee quite a number of postings and stories about the show of this year. Ars Electronica festival are always a place to be, to enjoy and to learn from, but this one was really a special one. It was the 30st anniversary of the festival, a moment to remember and reflect (and a huge, almost 600 page catalog provides a lot of materials for that); but it also was quite a remarkable even on its own, hosted in the newly established building where Ars Electronica Center now lives (see the picture), with a large and intensive program that combined a symposium, workshops and presentations, a sheer amount of installations and exhibitions all over the city, concerts and artistic performances, and – on a top of everything else – a city-scale open-air opera Flut (The Flood).

The latter was not, technically speaking, a part of Ars Electronica, but rather an climax of the year-long celebration of Linz as an elected Cultural Capital of Europe 2009. But by its spirit and technical excellency this performance fit the festival perfectly, and was seen by mane (us including), as a natural extension of AE. As always before, the events were perfect demonstration of current hyper-global thinking and doing: there were participants and guests from all over the globe, there were projects and installations combining very diverse knowledge and practices, and expressing a multitude of opinions and ideas.

The theme of this year’s festival, Human Nature, left plenty of space for such a diversity, since not participant or a project had a totally identical take on the matter. I guess, this itself points to a good definition of Human Nature, as the one ever exceeding existing boundaries, ever expanding, and ever redefining itself.

Stay tunes, more letters, images, sounds, and movies will follow here.

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