Role-playing workshop for the IoT Council

Yay! Our proposal was accepted, and we will run an interactive game during the launch of the Council of the Internet of Things, to be held in Brussels in December.

“[P]articipants will be exploring possible futures of the Internet of Things. During the workshop the teams will construct their own versions of the future IoT by taking a few distinctive roles and following a special ‘gameplay’ to facilitate creative role-playing. An open, yet structured competitive/collaborative process will help the participants to express – and reflect upon – their ideas about the future of the Internet of Things, learn from each other and together construct more meaningful and integral version of the new emerging reality.

Most importantly, through this playful thought experiments participants will identify what are those transformations of themselves that need to happen to let these possible futures emerge, and what the new skills and mindsets we need to develop and hone to prepare for such futures.

More information is on their site: Can Elves Live With Dwarves Without Trolls? Interactive Role-playing Workshop

As usual for the play-shops, we don’t post the rules before the event, to not spoil the experience, but we are happy with what we have in our sleeves for the participants. Looking forward for the workshop!

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