Summ()n partners with Digital Skin

Digital Skin is a newly established consultancy that helps “governments and corporations to improve innovation and organizational collaboration, by transforming traditional ‘real world’ scenario simulations into 3D virtual environments for accelerated learning.” – see also their recently launched web-site with volumes of interesting and inspirational information.

It looks like a new name, but in reality these are the people whom we know for quite a while already: the core team of the Digital Skin comes from the UnfroZEN Minds consultancy with the same Toby Coop as the ‘guild leader’. We have collaborated with them in a number of projects related to virtual worlds and MMRPOGs (I also personally benefited from their swift escorts through multiple instances in the WoW, when I was lvl-ing my char with their guild at Sporeggar :).

In this new reincarnated form Digital Skin will be doing the same as before, but better – “Our competive advantage comes from the way we have integrated our templates in leadership, organizational collaboration, learning and coaching with the advanced modelling capability for fully extensible virtual environments to create an award winning Rapid Scenario Deployment process.

Gratz, guys, and we are looking forward to the joint projects which I hope will start materializing very soon!

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