New digital ‘home’ for the games of perception



Ok, it’s may be not directly linked to the Summ( )n’s core activities and projects, but I feel it is still interesting to share here. We often call ourselves ‘artists’ – partly because we believe that art, and contemporary, modern, post-modern – whatever the label – art is an essential ingredient of the our transformational solutions. But this self-description has a literal meaning too – some of us are musicians and play in a band, some craft beautiful collages and some others – beautiful digital codes.

My own part in this game is photography. These days millions of people take pictures, and photography is often seen as a ‘lesser art’. But for me my blog – aman_geld – is a typical case of pure art project, created out fun and our of pleasure to do, and yet somehow powerfully driving me for more than seven years already. The format is deceptively simple, one picture a day, but it also has a much deeper meaning for me. I often call aman_geld’s work ‘perceptual experiments’ or lately – ‘games of transception’.

In the moments like that I used to go into lengthy discussionÑ‹ what does ‘games of transception’ exactly mean, and why, etc. But today I am lucky – I can just refer you to the newly opened website of the project,, that hopefully enlighten you om the meaning 🙂

The interface is deliberately non-intuitive, instead, it’s a bit enigmatic and puzzling, and invites people to explore and play, enjoying the process, and not only the result. The site will not be only about photography of aman_geld, but tell about other areas and domains where I plan to apply both an approach and resulting visuals. One of them was our installation Walking Backward to the Future< where we actually planned to use aman_geld’s works (the task is still to be done, since we had to pull out of the DDW last minute). But there will be more occasions for that, and other ideas from our portfolio. And another one just coincided with the opening the site – the works by aman_geld are on display in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm, Russia:

(As a matter of truth, it was the website that coincided with the exhibition, but this may be also a matter of choosing the right point to backcast from).

I hope we will see a lot of these experimental projects, on- and off-line, and all kind of shades of hybrid-ness in between.

Special thanks to the team of Aextatic, who conjured all that beauty; I hope to play with them further, they’re cool!

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