Food Trends Day in Evoluon

On November 23, the Dutch trend research agency ShootMyFood held its first Food Inspiration Day in the Evoluon congress center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The event has gathered 500+ participants and was sold out long before the start, the largest success story for the agency so far.

Clive van Heerden, creative director of the Design Probe program, was the last speaker of the day. He shared with the audience the Philips Design’s approach of exploring possible futures by developing provocative design probes, and also presented three most recent probes related to food: Diagnostic Kitchen, Creative Cooking, and Biosphere.

The last probe, Biosphere, strongly resonated with the talk of previous speaker, Rob Baan, from Koppert Cress. Rob was presenting (in a very multisensorial way) his Architecture Aromatique, a novel approach to producing and distributing ‘natural tastes’. In a conversation during the after-conference party one of the participants regretted when she didn’t find the 3D printed desserts among the offered delicacies. The best feedback you can expect for the ‘presentation of the future’ – “we want this future, now!”

We are currently discussing with Philips Design a program of support for their Design Probes program, which will be using their community as a launch pad. More on that later on this blog.

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