Future Telling Book

Design initiatief not only profiled us on their site – the agency has actually printed a book, called Future Telling, and yesterday I’ve got a freshly printed copy of the publication! It looks like a real book, almost 80 pages, all very nicely designed (btw, the ‘coffee spot’ you can see on the cover is not a coffee spot; it’s a well designed-in detail šŸ™‚

We played the game with the agency early last summer, and wanted to share the key insights and experiences at an annual conference of Design Initiatief in October; the conference was postponed till March 2010, but the book went to print and voila, we now have both nice AND useful object.

In addition to the game description and key results (future scenarios for Holland in 2024) it also contain the list of most perspective areas for future innovations; the book is only in Dutch so far, so the audience is bit limited, but Design Initiatief to reprint an updated version of the book later next year, with more information and English translation.

PS: It also smells like a book; we are all digital and stuff…. but nicely – and freshly – printed book will always have their magic.

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