Play opened in Vanabbe Museum

Vanabbe museum of contemporary art in Eindhoven has launched its 18 month long Play Vanabbe program last Saturday. The museum is known for its experimental and innovative approach in displaying modern art, and also in exploring new dimensions of the relationships between art and society at large. Charles Esche, current head of the Museum, and his crew keep experimenting with new forms and formats of the museum, and the new program is a perfect example of that. It will be based on experience design principles, and include interactive and co-creative aspects, challenging the classical top-down and bi-polar disposition of the Artist and the audience.

The opening itself was quite an event; the ceremony run through an entire building (and it is a very twisted, Alice-in-Wonderland like building) and consisted of multiple performances, presentations, exercises and of course serendipitous encounters of people with multiple forms of art. I really liked the somewhat surreal, Ionesco-style play by Nicoline Harskamp, performed by a collective of both professional and amateur artists.

The play was titled “The Democratic Possibilities of Conflict”, and was in fact a re-enactment of the very opening of the contemporary art exhibition in a ‘large museum’, a massive self-reflective exercise running in real time. Both funny and thought-provoking, it was quite a self-therapeutic moment for many in the audience. I expect more stories about this, and the following evens in, and around this museum in this blog.

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