Cutting Cognitive Edge

Today I met Dave Snowden in Amsterdam, from Cognitive Edge. Although our conversation was necessarily short, we agreed that I would join one of their accreditation courses, most likely the one on London, in Feb 2010, thus joining their network.

Cognitive Edge is one of the (still very few) consultancies that actively applies the principles of complexity, non-linear dynamics and system theory in their work. They have their own proprietary software toolkit (SenseMaker), based on narratological analysis of multi-modal and multi-format input, and yet their consulting methods can be described as open source ones. But the most valuable resource of the team (besides their bright and thought-provoking ‘chief scientist’ Dave) is the 400+ network of practitioners, distributed over the glove and over the industries, academia and governments.

I am obviously interested in applying both their tools and the general framework to the future studies (‘futures as a dynamic fuzzy set’ is my hobby-horse for quite some time already). Apparently, CE has done a few projects on micro-scenario developments, and I am looking forward to learning more on that, and other areas of applications. Although it is not the very first priority, we also discussed the possibilities of co-development of the software tools in the future.

PS: Funny enough, one of their tool is called The Future, Backwards. In essence, this seems to be a (relatively) simple method of backcasting, but the name resonates with our own installation, Walking Backward to the Future. Serendipity rulez.

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