Metropolis: The Art of Games

Metropolis, an influential Dutch bi-monthly magazine on art and cultural developments, dedicates its latest, Oct-Nov issues to “games”. Those may be not exactly the games we would like played in, and by museums and galleries, but still quite a significant step.

I write about it not only because I bought this issue today, but also because we had a very good meeting with Hadas Zemer, who is currently in charge of of experience design in Vanabbe museum. This was a very enriching and inspirational conversation, and I hope we will continue this dialogue in the future. I wrote about Play Vanabbe program already (and must write more about few excellent projects I’ve seen in the museum during the Design Week). I would be most happy to get involved in one of its next stages of Play Vanabbe; to develop a ‘serious game’ for this museum would be a ‘dream come true’. (I only very recently realized that Vanabbe was the very first museum I managed to visit in Holland, more than ten years ago).

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