On synchronators

Last Thursday I went to the last public gathering of (and at) the Baltan Lab this year, where they presented the work by Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins. The two Dutch artist developed their own device called Sunchronator that allows bridging the sound and video worlds (“enabling cross-media dialogue”, as it was somewhat poetically described by someone from audience).

As I soon understood, I’ve already seen their work during the earlier Future of the Lab gathering, but back then I didn’t know that those beautiful visual patterns were by them. This time we experienced a more polymodal performance, with a conversion of the audio flow into weird, yet mesmerizing imagery dancing on the TV screens.

A few more images from the event can be found here.

PS: I wonder whether this whole IoT shouldn’t be dealing more with such ‘bridges’, helping people to connect apparently disconnected realms into a more synchronized, synthetic reality.

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