Pandora Universum

Before the postings like that one has to add a disclaimer, something like ‘I don’t work for James Cameron’ or ‘I am not an employee of the XX Fox”, otherwise it may seem as a blunt promotion and flattery.

We’ve seen the Avatar the other day, and it’s simply astonishingly beautiful movie. A world making full-scale. I am sure the 3D effect and a special camera specially invented by Cameron for the movie are all important, but they still fade compared to the epic narrative describing the Pandora world.

I am not that happy with the plot itself, it’s too banal and linear, a classical Hollywood crap; yet the beauty and complexity of the ‘bacdrop’ forces one to forgive nearly every flaw in the script or actor play (which in fact quite good, with a couple of exceptions). The very lighting effects and interaction patterns with various luminescent sources the movie make it a must-see for every designer.

Wired publishes a short piece about this world-making exercise (Inventing Effects to Create the Avatar Universe ), but it only hints to the multiple stream of demiurgic activities: creation of fantastic geology allowing flying mountains, flora and fauna, together with a complete systematic descriptions of all the creatures, culture and the language of the aboriginal Na’vi folks.

The world is so rich that it would be a real pity if all this treasures are spent on the very movie only. There is of course a game already available, but from what I can judge, it doesn’t bring much merit to this world. It has to live its own life, perhaps in a form of a complex multi-player virtual reality, something resembling Blue Mars, but better, with an opportunity to make your own things, and plots, and rules; a wiki-universum of Pandora.

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