New year, new games

Partly to start fulfilling the pledge, and partly because of the daily duty of every blogger, i.e., to fill the blog daily with something, a short story about or today’s trip to one of the nearby forests. It became a bit of a family tradition, to make this ‘after party’ trips on Jan 1s, and this was a pleasant and relaxing walk (at least, for some of us). I, to the contrary, managed to fall into a ‘creativity rush’, and took a few hundreds pictures instead, so it was far from relaxing for sure.

But it was nevertheless very playful, a sort of game with the surroundings, I was taking my usual ‘zoommy’ pictures, where the results are always unpredictable, and mostly bad but from time to time interesting too. There is also an element of a ‘transception game’ in these exercises, and as a trophy I often get a completely surreal pictures of the otherwise pretty banal environment. There was a bit of a ‘future dreaming’ too, as I start thinking about a possible exhibition of some sort, where these works can be displayed, but at the same time I wouldn’t want to have a mere ‘pictures-on-the-walls’ type of exhibition, but rather something more dynamic, and hopefully interactive, with a format reflecting the content.

PS: Later I found another connection of this trip to the ‘future’ theme; the place where we’ve been is called Ender Heide, that resembles the Ender’s Game, the book I am reading at this very moment.

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1 Response to New year, new games

  1. kseverny says:

    these images are brilliant.
    Very trippy

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