Reaching for the starts

This interactive installation is described in a following way:

“The “Orbiter” takes possession of all senses. It is a place for visitors to lay down and relax, watching the firmament above them. With a small gesture, just pointing upwards, the visitor can insert new stars into orbit with unique visual and musical characteristics.

The dream of reaching for the stars is as old as mankind itself. The mathematics of planetary orbits, the perfection of natural geometrical forms fascinates and inspires scientists and artists alike. Even music principles as tonality or phase displacement are based upon computational ideas and find correspondency in the “Orbiter’s” structure.

Each version of the Orbiter features various scenes with different graphics, sounds and behaviour. Some create an illusionary nightsky firmament, playing more melodic or ambient sounds. Others experiment with the possibilities of graphical abstraction and rough synths, allowing you to even play drum´nbass-like sounds.”

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