Wine Barrel Meeting

The very first working day of the new year was, in fact, a very working one! The gentlemen on the above picture (and I believe one lady among them) are actively plotting a complex collaborative project. The first step is to submit a proposal for a subsidy from a Dutch agency supporting innovation and regional development carried by SMEs. Because of such a large number of potential participants, the common denominator is rather vague at the moment, and goes as ‘development of RFiD/web infrastructure and applications to support regional and personal development’. Despite this foggy language, each team has its own specific and tangible goals to achieve (at least so Summ()n), and we are happy to join forces with the rest.

It was quite symbolic that the meeting was held right opposite to the office of Philips Design; it look at the right spot and the picture below, one case see my old desk 🙂

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