Ghost Piano

A very interesting performance (a premier, in fact), by a German musician Volker Bertelman (better known as Hauschka), and a video artist Jeff Desom from Luxemburg. The technique they used is quite old, and was employed already in the Renaissance times to evoke the ‘spirits’ and ‘ghosts’ (see the pic below):

The ghost in this case was Hauschka, who was behind the curtain but whose image was projected at the piano standing on the scene. But there was another projection, of the Desom’s movie, where piano was flashing, burning, soaked in rain, and again inflamed etc., etc. Together with an experimental music by Hauschka it all created a multipayered, polyphonic yet very intimate show, and quite an experience for the audience. This video is about a preparation of the show, not the show itself, and I am still waiting when the show will be placed somewhere on the web.

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