Sophie’s Worlds

A couple of stills from the video-installation by Sophie Clements, UK-based video-artist, who also presented some of her earlier works during the opening talk at the Plaza Plus festival in Eindhoven. Static images do not convey the whole magic of the video flow, and of course they also miss the sounds, so it is advised to look at least at the video of this project, at her web-site. I liked this feeling of a ‘digital layering’ on top of the existing ‘analogue reality’; it existed as if it followed own complex rules, and yet was gently interacting with the tangible, ‘think’ manifestation of the current world. As such, the work was missing an interactive element, but it was nevertheless very beautiful.

There was also a whole room at the Plaza Futura (nicely called ‘Sophie’s room’) presenting a sort of ‘making-of’ of the project, but which also a piece of art itself. I liked the way how the videos have been were displayed, projected at the pieces of glass hanging in a space. It was creating almost a ghost-like feeling, with something 3D-ish moving alive in the air.

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