Superflux: ‘The Buzz Creator’

Jan 2010 issue of the UK Wired publishes a piece on Anab Jain, an interaction designer/story-teller/TED fellow and also a founder of Superflux, “a small think-and-do tank’ based in London. Why is it interesting in the context of Summ()n? Well, according to the article, “Superflux fuses design, electronic media ad storytelling to involve audiences in shaping the future’. Almost exactly the magical recipe of us 🙂

The most famous project done by Anab & Co so far The Power of 8, performed/presented last year at the London Design Festival. The project “brought together eight people, most of who had never met each other, to imagine ‘optimistic futures’” who at the end created “an alternate ecosystem of the future called ‘Acres Green’, where people balance a pragmatic requirement to live closer to nature with their natural human impulses to subvert and control it.”

As Anab put it herself, “It’s easy to get caught up in putting products on shelves, but I think we should also dream a bit’. (We would call it ‘play a bit’)

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