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The Third & The Seventh, by Alex Roman

Amazingly beautiful; this is not the full piece, but a shorter version; the full work can be found at his Vimeo

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History in the Making (of Transformations)

A short excerpt of the recent performance by Keren Cytter (History in the Making or the Secret Diaries of Linda Schultz), made in collaboration with her theatre company D.I.E. Now (Dance International Europe) and presented at the Tate Modern in … Continue reading

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The color of the year goes Holistic!

Those who are at least remotely familiar with the Spiral Dynamics theory could not stop their smiles when learning about the Color of The Year according to Pantone , one of the kings of colors. Every year they proclaim a … Continue reading

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Fun The( )ry Applied

A truly interactive (and funny) installation in in Stockholm, Sweden where students changed stairs into a ‘living piano’ (thus rapidly and dramatically changing behavior – 66% more people took the stairs, and not the elevator at that day). ps: Found … Continue reading

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Wine Barrel Meeting

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Entering the Land of Innovators

Today was an important day for Summ()n – after almost half a year of its existence in a ‘stealth form’, active, but invisible, the agency was actually registered in a local Chamber of Commerce. So, Summ()n from now on is … Continue reading

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Wine Barrel Meeting

The very first working day of the new year was, in fact, a very working one! The gentlemen on the above picture (and I believe one lady among them) are actively plotting a complex collaborative project. The first step is … Continue reading

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Alice in the future

The holidays is also a time for reading – or at least browsing the booked you bought with the dreams to read one day. Just before New Year I bought this book with the story of Alice in Wonderland (this … Continue reading

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Intense Tranquility

Winter holidays are a sleepy and tranquil time by the very nature, especially when the nature is freezingly cold (as it should, in fact, in winter). To somehow wake up, we went to one of the nearest forest, to make … Continue reading

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Reaching for the starts

This interactive installation is described in a following way: “The “Orbiter” takes possession of all senses. It is a place for visitors to lay down and relax, watching the firmament above them. With a small gesture, just pointing upwards, the … Continue reading

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