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aman_cards, aman_games

I finally got the prints of for the aman_geld project). Visual identity is a mixture of the blog’s look&feel, but the main image is from the site, Pity they still can’t make Harry Potter-like moving pictures in printed media, … Continue reading

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Future Deductive

There is a couple of interesting moment of ‘working with the future’ in the new Sherlock Holmes movie by Guy Ritchie (we’ve just seen it). If I remember, the movie starts from one such a scene, but the most vivid … Continue reading

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Digital Skin is to Launch a New Virtual World Suite

Digital Skin, a virtual world developer/consultancy (formerly known as UnfroZENmind), just announced a launch of their brand new product, 3D World Suite. Initially positioned relatively modestly (3D Virtual Conference Facility), the suite will eventually allow its users not only to … Continue reading

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Latour on the multiple futures, and the pasts

openhagen School of Business has recently uploaded the slides used by Bruno Latrour, during his lecture there in November 2009 titled “Organizing Uncertainties”. It is a very interesting story, partly rooted in his classical views on the evolution of the … Continue reading

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Future of Work, according to PWC

PriceWaterhouseCoopers has recently made available the results of the study on ‘Managing tomorrow’s people’, a series of three publications, The future of work to 2020, How the downturn will change the future of work, and Millennials at work: Perspectives from … Continue reading

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Reflective futures, or Mafia begins and wins

March’s issue of Wired published large (and I should add, long-waited) piece on the Mafia game (otherwise known as Werewolf) – How a parlour game became a tech phenomenon. The rules of the games are simple, deceptively simple even, to … Continue reading

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Counterfactual thinking creates meaning (of the futures)

This is a lovely cartoon itself, but it may also work as an excellent illustration to the recently published research paper From what might have been to what must have been: Counterfactual thinking creates meaning, published recently in the Journal … Continue reading

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Doing searching meaning

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McGonigal on gaming as a lifestyle

CNN has just published a lovely video with a charming Jane McGonigal who explains why games are great, and why we all need to start playing more. I can not embed the video here (at least from their site), so … Continue reading

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EnerCities game

Recently I came across an interesting project/game called EnerCities. Supported by EU and co-developed by a consortium of diverse partners (including the Dutch game design studio Paladin), this is indeed a ’serious game’ aimed to help people to imagine and … Continue reading

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