Merry-Go-Round Coat Rack

This is a now famous Merry-Go-Round coat rack in the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Visitors can hang their clothes on the racks and then lift them up using the multicolor ropes. This is not only a very efficient solution space-wise, but also bring additional joy and playfulness to otherwise boring routine; self-service converted into a mini-game. Not only kids have a fun playing with the ropes and enjoying a dynamic response of an entire construction.

The rack is developed for the museum by Wieki Somers who gained quite a few awards for the design, and event managed to get on the cover of the prestigious Yearbook of Dutch Design. It’s interesting that as source of inspiration for the design Wieki mentions an old solution used in the Dutch mines (may be not only Dutch, of course) when the clothes were also stored on the ropes, closer to the ceiling; in that case it was also drying and warming up the clothes. I recall we saw the demonstrator of the solution in one of the museums in the south of the Netherlands.

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