De Ploeg

We’ve been invited to think about possible exhibition in De Ploeg, an old textile factory near small Dutch town/village Bergeijk, in North Brabant. The building was designed by famous Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld, commissioned by the owner of the plant to create a beautiful workplace and environment for the workers. The plant has discontinued its
activities a while ago, and currently is in the process of transition to… something else. Relabeled Rietveld & Ruy, it seeks new forms and format of existence, leaning toward a museum/cultural center of some sort. We came there quite, almost in the twilight, so I didn’t take any pictures of the outside, but you can see some views on their site.

It is a wonderful building, indeed looking more like a museum than an industrial facility. Unfortunately, it was also freezingly cold there, so I wasn’t able to take too many pictures of the interiors either. But the aura of the space is amazing, we need to think very carefully what and how to show there. The place will simply resist to accept a simple ‘pictures on a wall’ type of exhibition. The place also has a very twisted geometry, both coldly geometrical and poetical at the same time.

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