Playing the Alice futures

I bought this book already in December, but didn’t manage to scan it earlier, not only because my scanner is not big enough, but also because it’s not easy to scan these nearly 3D pages, with many of them having all kind of games embedded. Finally I went for taking photos, although it is also not the most perfect method for the book. Well, as good as it gets.

The book itself is truly marvelous, even of it is not a true story of Alice by Carroll, but rather a re-telling of the story by Harriet Caster. But the real treasure is the illustrations by Zdenco Basic (it should sound like Bashich, I guess). In fact, it is one unfolding visual story, and an interactive one, the reader (or the viewer), is invited to play various mini games on almost every page.

But the real reason for this posting was another dimension of the Alice-in-Wonderlandness I noticed already a while ago. The launch of Tim Buron’s Alice is nearing, and now the growing fixation on the Alice team should not be of any surprise, but some time ago it was bit strange to notice how many outlets start 1. offering more, new and old Alice-related artifacts for sale, and 2. postponing the actual sale till the movie release (apparently the beginning of March).

In fact, this very book is in Dutch, since the the English-language version won’t be available till March as well. And that’s not an exception, I spotted many more items (books, DVDs etc) that postpone the sales. I find this ‘future management’ strange, to be honest. I understand that the interest to the Alice-related items will be high during, and soon after the launch, due to the aggressive advertising campaigns. But at this peak of the campaigns people will be also spending their major ‘Alice buck’ on the Alice movie itself, and not on additional items. In fact, the best strategy would be to offer something for sale now, when the public is already re-sensitized but the movie is not yet there. Curiousier and curiousier.

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