I was sick for a few last day, laying in bed with very high temperature; I later found a nice expression to describe this condition of mine, a systemic fever. It was like a temporal relocation to another world, quite painful, but also quite surreal and dreamful (not a big surprise, since I spent most of the time sleeping). I often experienced it as one long hallucination, with the short periods of waking up, to only dive further and deeper in your own dreams. They were beautiful, these dreams, colorful in HDR style, similar to Amélie or Vidocq, and vibrantly complex like the stories by Borges. I would love to copy some of the images to my aman-geld blog.

I checked the origin of the word ‘nightmare’ that confirmed that mine were not them. There is always this heavy, immobilizing feeling in the true nightmares (=the mare). In my case they were quite different, quick, quirky, constantly flickering like a swarm of moths, or bats. Not suppressing, but ex-pressing you, spreading over time and space.

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