EnerCities game

Recently I came across an interesting project/game called EnerCities. Supported by EU and co-developed by a consortium of diverse partners (including the Dutch game design studio Paladin), this is indeed a ’serious game’ aimed to help people to imagine and enact possible scenarios of energy use in the cities of tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was not able to really play it as yet, despite downloading the necessary plug-in (and even the full developer tool), so I have to use the screenshots from their site/facebook page.

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1 Response to EnerCities game

  1. Derk says:

    Thanks for trying EnerCities and writing about it! I was wondering what kind of problem ypu had with Unity. If you can give me additional info (browser, OS, what happened or didn’t happen) then we will look into this issue. Thanks!

    Derk de Geus
    Paladin Studios

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