Latour on the multiple futures, and the pasts

Copenhagen School of Business has recently uploaded the slides used by Bruno Latrour, during his lecture there in November 2009 titled “Organizing Uncertainties”. It is a very interesting story, partly rooted in his classical views on the evolution of the Western science, and modern Western political regime and general. But there are a few new twists (at least for me), when he deals with plurality, multiplicity of ‘possible futures’, and how (badly) we mange these ‘uncertainties’. It would be nice to listen to the video record of the lecture (also uploaded to the site), but I can’t see it for some reasons. There are few very interesting observations in the slides, enough to develop a mini-game in post-post-modernity and its (dis)contents.

But there also another interesting piece of information in the slides, about a new project called Mapping Controversies. Run by MIT in collaboration with a few universities and organizations, and endorsed by EU, the project explores the ways how ‘controversies in science in technology’ can be effectively visualized and collaboratively worked out (but not necessarily reduced). I sense here an interesting area of applications for Summ()n’s way of thinking and keen to explore these opportunities further.

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