Digital Skin is to Launch a New Virtual World Suite

Digital Skin, a virtual world developer/consultancy (formerly known as UnfroZENmind), just announced a launch of their brand new product, 3D World Suite. Initially positioned relatively modestly (3D Virtual Conference Facility), the suite will eventually allow its users not only to held meetings, conferences, or exhibitions, but collaborate and co-create. The company also plans to develop a special product for game-like training and simulations, giving people an opportunity to enact different scenarios and possible developments in this virtual space.

The team kindly shared a few screenshots from the new world, designed with a distinctive futuristic look and feel, somewhat resembling both steampunk and the WoW’s Tempest Keep visual themes (the pics here are linked to larger images showing more details and the textures).

The official launch of the beta is scheduled at the end of March, but the project was already presented to a wider audience, including at the latest BarCamp in Paris; I wasn’t able to come to Paris to attend this event, as I initially planned, but managed to hop to the opening in Second Life:

I understand that the concept was very well received by the audience (normally very critical). What I understood from the conversations with the development team, the suite is designed to be very robust and customizable, and will not require any large computational resources, yet will provide smooth experience for the players visitors. Looking forward to experience it myself, hopefully soon!

To stay tuned with the latest developments of this new product (and other cool ideas of the team), consider joining Digital Skin, their group at Facebook.

NB: The entry has first appeared in the Summ()n blog.

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