Future Deductive

There is a couple of interesting moment of ‘working with the future’ in the new Sherlock Holmes movie by Guy Ritchie (we’ve just seen it). If I remember, the movie starts from one such a scene, but the most vivid example is a boxing scene.

We are shown, in a slow motion camera way, a development of the scene, with a voice over commenting every moment. At some point we understand that this event has not yet happened, but only planned, and what we see is a sort of visual rehearsal. We then see a real event, at a real speed of action (i.e., relatively quick). There are other moment when we see how Sherlock ‘foresee’ the future (both on a micro-level of the next movements, and on larger scale, correctly predicting the moves of his enemies). But these two scenes are example of a very explicit futuring. It’s a bit pity that we don’t see some sort of scenario planning, with multiple possible options explored before the event.

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