UTwente Revirtualized

Another day, another trip, this time to the University of Twente, in the Dutch city of Enschede. It was a long-lasting plan to come and see their virtual reality lab (or rather immersive experience room), as they call it themselves. But my first encounter with the university campus was very immersive even before I’ve reached the Dept. of Engineering where we were supposed to have you meeting.

The whole campus is seemingly one large construction place, and a beautiful one too! I was impressed by the new building of the Science and Technology Department (the one with the red strip on the picture above), and later spent some time exploring other corners of the campus; a really nice place, combining high-tech structures and completely tranquil nature.

We’ve been invited by the Prof. Wim Poelman, with whom we had a very rich and inspiring two hour long discussion, not only on how the experience room in our ‘future sensing’ exercise later this year, but also on how new materials, and new technologies in general can be used to inspire and to provoke the participants.

Then we had a chance to see the room (a large hall, in fact), with all facilities to create an multisensorial immersive experiences. The most interesting dimension is that the room would allow us to do such exercises with a group of people (with three groups simultaneously, in fact), a real treasure for our plans.

We didn’t see the room in ‘action’, but the facilities and technologies were abundant, so you can think of quite interesting possible scenarios acted out, or played in such a space.

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