Design Den Day

Summ()n (=Otto and myself in this case) has attended the second annual conference by the Dutch Design Initieatief the other day, this time held in Wijnfort, in Lent, near Nijmegen. When I read “fort” in the description, I initially thought about a decorative pseudo-medieval construction of some sort, but to my surprise it was really a former military building, later converted in a modern congress centrum. The atmosphere of the place was macabre and very homey at the same time, and played a big role in boosting the creativity of the participants, I believe.

The program was quite full for us, spreading from the morning with a masterclass for students, then presenting the same material for the participants, and also participating in a very intensive two-hour long interview by Cor Hospes. The morning session was opened by Rianne Valkenburg, Director of Research at the Design Initiatief:

There was a couple of very interesting presentations, by Mario Ramirez, from University of Breda, and then by Remko van der Lugt who told about ‘Service Design’. Otto was leading our part, with an interactive presentation of the key future developments of the Netherlands we explored last year.

The afternoon started with a short presentation by myself (which I obviously don’t have any pictures of), which was an attempt to fit the content of a sizable book into about 20 min of a talk . I traditionally ended with an image of Alice, with the message the key to success is a personal transformation. I think I may have missed the timing just slightly, the new Alice blockbuster by Burton is to be released in Holland from March 10 only, but well.

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